St. Mark U

(formerly "Mind Matters")

Dinner & Documentary
Sunday, August 26th
5:00 to 7:30 pm at St. Mark Lutheran Church


Mining for God: A Search for Ancient Truth In a Modern World (2015)
Directed by Brandon McGuire, with special appearances by Lee Strobel,
William Lane Craig, Gary Habermas and others.

Mining for God's director Brandon McGuire grew up with an American view of Christianity. After college, though, he lived for three months in Africa where he saw a very different kind of Christianity. When he came back to America, he started to pay more attention to what people think about Christianity. As he asked questions, both online and on the street and it soon became apparent that people hold all manner of beliefs: Good people go to heaven; bad people end up in hell. All religions are basically the same. It's about rules. It's about controlling people. No religion can be the only way to God or spirituality. McGuire realized that this was an area of much confusion in America. He began asking a number of questions:

• What is Christianity?
• What are some ideas that have influenced the way people think about it?
• Is there any evidence for God?
• Is there such a thing as objective truth, or is truth relative to cultures?

Discussion and Q & A will follow this documentary. Childcare will be provided. Contact Brit Colanter at for information.