Intercessory Prayer

At any time you may have a need for prayer support, we would be happy to pray for you. One of our prayer partners will contact you and be happy to talk with you and pray for you. Also, St. Mark has an EMAIL prayer chain whereby prayer requests can be sent out all at once to several members of St. Mark who have agreed to pray.

If you are a member of St. Mark and would like to get involved and join us in prayer, or if you would like special prayers, whether praises or needs, you may email your request or telephone us to be placed on our PRAYER CHAIN. The intercessors keep the request in their daily prayers for two weeks, after which time they commit the request to God. People participate in the prayer chain on a volunteer basis.

Prayer is powerful. We would be happy to pray for you. It will make a difference in your life and others. Contact Charlene Hansen at